Our growing list of RAWK programs runs rich with opportunities for students (preschool - high school) to exercise their voices, to fall in love with words, to understand the power of writing and reading in their lives. We'd love to share more about what our Thematic Writing Workshops are all about, and how you (or your friends and neighbors) can get involved. We believe an invested community is essential for the success of all students. 

What are Thematic Writing Workshops all about?

RAWK's Thematic Writing Workshops are 1-day project-based writing experiences. Simply put, attending such workshops means students will learn a skill from a professional, and write creatively. They'll leave with something that they've made and a piece they've written. 

We partner with professionals — graphic novelists, jewelry artists, art teachers, etc. — to facilitate these workshops and make them the dynamic experiences that they are. We work with facilitators to fuse their skills with the way we like to teach writing. With our powers combined ... we've got some pretty amazing workshops to offer. 

Past workshops:

Poetry & Metal — students spent an afternoon writing poetry, learning skills of metalsmithing, and stamped lines from their poems into copper wrist cuffs. They left with several poems and a personalized bracelet with their words and design on it.

Communicating and working with the RAWK staff to facilitate a workshop is a pleasure. RAWK staff are receptive to new ideas and enthusiastic about helping flesh them out, along with logistics. I’m looking forward to my next workshop!
— Meg Tang, jewelry artist

RAWK Readers' Theater — students spent the day with us reading picture books, collectively writing plays based on the stories they read, and performing their plays for an audience. After their performance, students left with a play they co-wrote and a copy of the book they used for their play.

Being able to help facilitate young minds to see the world through the lends of theatre and playwriting was an immense joy and quite thrilling!
— Marissa Harrington, Face Off Theatre Company

Where you fit in ... 

You've probably figured out where were going with this ... WE NEED YOU! Perhaps you have a skill/craft that you'd like to share with our RAWKstars? Join us! We're putting together our workshops for the 2016/17 school year, and as always we're taking Workshop Proposals. Specifically, we're looking for some ideas revolving around science experiments, food (cooking/baking/making/preparing), and nature. As always, all ideas are welcome.

A few notes as you consider creating a workshop:

Workshops are generally 4 hours (or two hours for our younger students). The process of deciding which workshops to add to our schedule involves us taking into consideration all submitted workshops, time of year, suggested locations/needed accommodations. If a workshop doesn't fit in immediately we can find a place for it later. Sometimes we find that some workshop proposals would work better as a fundraiser/family event.

We need facilitators to have attended a RAWK Volunteer Orientation/event before their workshop. Our next Fall Volunteer Orientation is August 30th. To have a workshop considered for this fall, deadline for submission is August 12th.

Are the wheels turning? Are visions of workshops dancing in your heads? Do you know of builders, artists, engineers, writers, crafters, hobbyists that may be interested? Please pass this along, we're grateful for your support.

Workshop Proposal