Is it really the end of the summer?

We're still basking in the glow of our RAWK READS! event last night at Bookbug—always proven to be a beautiful reflection of our summer that's filled to the brim with writing, creating, and planning. Our students sharing their work with an eager audience is integral to our core beliefs, as we're always striving to celebrate and amplify youth voices. While last night was the perfect close to our busiest summer on the books, our office is far too quiet today. We want to be congratulating each other and sharing sweet anecdotes from the night, but we're missing one person. Last night also marked the last day for Anja, our summer intern.

We knew having a summer intern would be instrumental for our organization. We knew an intern would be able to accomplish goals we just couldn't get to yet, to lighten the load and widen the nets. We knew we could provide well-rounded experiences in all facets of non-profit work from administrative work, to planning, to working with students, to professional development experiences, to connecting with and learning from like-minded organizations. The work was here and ready for someone. Starting with her interview, Anja came ready to work. She'd done her homework on us and asked us questions. Not only did she come wanting to know more, she confidently knew what she could offer us. 

Anja is the first to arrive, the last to leave. Studies show her energy is best described as lilac, which makes sense because her calm confidence is a beautiful thing to behold. She represented RAWK well in every arena and we are remarkably better off after having her on board for the summer. Anja thought of things to do and plan for before we could, which is quite a lovely thing to get used to. We got to provide a professional experience, as well as other teachable moments (like who Laverne & Shirley are, and sending Wes Anderson movies home with her as homework), to someone who is going to accomplish great things in her life. The only thing that makes the end of this internship easy is that we'll still get to see her as a volunteer. Thanks for your service and your friendship, Anja. Our summer wouldn't have RAWKed as much as it did without you.