A New Chapter for RAWK

Dear RAWK families, youth, volunteers, partners, donors, collaborators, friends,

Way back in 2011, Anne and I began dreaming of RAWK. We had high hopes for what could be, and now (with hard work and unequivocal support from our community over the past 6 years) we’re living in what is as we celebrate milestones: a writing center, a storefront, a publishing center, expanding staff, growing programs and partnerships. 2018 marks the beginning of RAWK’s 7th year as an organization. We continue to dream big, to set high goals to better serve youth in our community.

It is with a grateful heart, swelling with pride and hope, that I share this news. I will be stepping away from RAWK in my role as executive director. It’s an exciting time for both me and for RAWK, as I leave to pursue opportunities as an author/illustrator, and RAWK begins a new chapter here at 802 S. Westnedge. RAWK’s transition moving beyond our co-founders began last year when Anne stepped away from RAWK. Let me assure you it is a sign of a healthy, sustainable organization, that this is happening. I keep saying we’re stepping away, and that feels misleading. Really, we’ll never step away, as Anne and I will always have the honor of being RAWK’s co-founders. Our board of directors has assembled a transition committee to ensure a seamless process as we look for someone to take over the reigns who is devoted to RAWK’s mission, vision, and place in our community.

It has been a privilege to lead such a remarkable group of people who enthusiastically show up to do the work—our board, staff and volunteers know the power and importance in valuing youth voice. Through RAWK, I have met so many inspiring people in our community, committed to literacy, youth, and equity. Anne and I often gush about how we are forever changed by this work—by knowing all of you and seeing youth voices celebrated and amplified in our community.

I am confident that equity, access, joy, and creativity will continue to be the guiding constellation for our organization. I will forever be involved with RAWK as a cheerleader, a patron, and an ambassador, not only for RAWK but for the youth we serve. Thank you for the love and support over the years. I’m looking forward to seeing what fantastic things RAWK continues to accomplish in our community.

With a heart full of gratitude,