Connecting future educators with opportunities to serve and learn from the students we serve has been an exciting component of our in-school programming. Western MIchigan University students in the Writing Methods course volunteer in the RAWK Writers' Room, and RAWK provides training workshops/seminars for WMU students.

Host of our annual RAWK Reads! young author reading, Bookbug consistently serves as a resource of knowledge of youth literature, and is wholly invested in RAWK and a strong literary community in Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Nature Center has hosted RAWK's Secret Book Club. We have partnered with the KNC creating a workshop for upper elementary students that incorporated a hike led by a KNC naturalist followed by nature-inspired poetry writing.


We partner with Open Roads to create a full day-camp for middle school youth — RAWKin' Roads! Youth spend the morning with Open Roads learning bicycle mechanics and social skills, and the afternoons with RAWK working on creative writing that is published in RAWK's annual summer anthology.

The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center generously hosts all of our summer writing workshop students, teaching book arts for one day of camp. They make art that showcases their written pieces that are a part of the summer anthology we publish annually.


A perfect lit-loving partnership, we are always happy partner with children’s and teen departments on average of three times a year at Kalamazoo Public Library branches throughout Kalamazoo! Workshops are developed for certain themes and/or events that KPL is hosting.

Kalamazoo Public Library's Reading Together program provided books for the youth we work with through the Kalamazoo County juvenile home’s KEYS program. Over a six-week workshop, we worked with youth developing monologues/poetry reflecting on Kareem Abdul Jabar's Writings on the Wall. Our youth read their work in front of an audience at the Arcus Center for Social Justice at Reading Together's event.

The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival hosted a partnership between RAWK and Kalamazoo Community College's Center for New Media: a collaboration between middle school poets and CNM animators who turned the poetry into animated shorts. The final products were showcased twice during the poetry festival.

Along with specific teacher partnerships and field trips, Kalamazoo Public Schools has hosted two RAWK classrooms that support teachers and students during the school day: RAWK Writers' Room at Maple St. middle school and our upcoming RAWK Readers' Room at Lincoln Elementary.

We’ve developed a creative writing workbook for use of Kalamazoo's Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based bigs/littles, serving hundreds of bigs and littles over the past two years.



A fellow organization fostering a celebration and engaged artistic community, we’ve partnered with the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts to create special writing/art events, and they hosted our annual RAWK On! Write On! write-a-thon.


We are always thrilled to partner with Peace House at their site, providing mini writing workshops for their youth.