Stegosaurus’s Baby 

by: Lucy, 5

(written at Write On! RAWK On! annual write-a-thon)

Once there was a Stegosaurus who didn’t have a name. The Stegosaurus lived in a dry desert with other dinosaurs. The stegosaurus had a new baby and wanted to show it to its friends. So, he went to see his friend, Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

He said, “I want to invite you to see my new baby.”

And T-Rex said, “I’m sorry, I’m busy napping, but I’ll come back later to see your baby.”

Then Stegosaurus said, “Well, if T-Rex doesn’t want to see my baby, I am going to one of my other friends!”

Triceratops said, “I would like to see your new baby!”

Then, Brontosaurus said, “I would like to see your new baby, too!” So, they went off to his nest where he had the baby. 

The baby looked exactly like Stegosaurus. The baby was green exactly like Stegosaurus. The baby cried when they saw him. The baby started to stop crying and then Stegosaurus took his baby, put him next to him, and they walked to get a drink of water together. And then, they drank dew. 

Brontosaurus and Triceratops said, “What a cute baby!” 

Then, they left and Stegosaurus went with his baby back to the nest. 

T-Rex, why however, he was pretty sad he didn’t see the baby. So the next morning he woke up and saw the baby. And then went back to his nap. 

And then, after all that was done, a coconut fell on Brontosaurus’ head when he was on land eating leaves! He started to cry and he said, “I’m going to put my head in some cold water.” And then his head was better and he went to see T-Rex, his bestest friend ever. 

And then T-Rex, however, wasn’t very happy. And then, Brotonsaurus said, “Why are you not happy?” And he said, “Because I never had a baby.” And then he had a baby and they lived happily ever after.