Judy Fox & Lincoln Readers' Room

I leave each session feeling invigorated.

-Judy Fox


Judy has lived in the Kalamazoo area since 1968 and attended WMU from 1968-1976 where she met her husband. She has been married for 46 years with her husband Mike. She taught elementary students in Hartford (Van Buren County) for 36 years before retiring in 2008.

Judy works diligently and passionately with second grade students in our Readers’ Room at Lincoln Elementary. She began volunteering for us in February at our Readers’ Room, our Storytelling and Bookmaking Field Trip with a third grade class from El Sol, and managed a RAWK booth at El Sol’s Elementary Literacy Night!

Judy thinks others should volunteer with RAWK because,“It’s a rewarding way to give back to the community. It’s an opportunity to offer encouragement to young people who may not realize that a focus on reading and writing empowers them to reach their goals and to achieve their dreams. It’s fun to be surrounded by enthusiastic young people.”

Judy continues to work with us and we are so thankful to have such a dedicated volunteer and community member in our midst!