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RAWK Resources are here to INSPIRE! There are so many ways to tap into our creativity and harness (0r create) our love for reading and writing.

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Try writing about this animation
What do you see?
What’s happening?
Who is that snail?
Are the snail and alien friends?
Do snails create gems, or do they eat them?
Only YOU can tell the world what YOU see.

Reflect & Connect

Reflect & Connect is a community call for writing submissions from the youth of Kalamazoo County. Over 250 writing prompt booklets have been distributed through Collaboration Kalamazoo’s Beyond the Backpack Reimagined and RAWK Reads. YOU can participate, too!

We want to hear you!
Read And Write Kalamazoo exists
to celebrate and amplify YOUR voice.

Your stories and experiences matter! We strive to find and create opportunities for our community to learn from you, and for you to learn from yourself.

The Reflect & Connect community project intends to be a space for you to reflect on your experiences over the past year and a half, to reach deep, feel some feelings, and process your thoughts. Reflecting and asking ourselves hard questions is how we grow!

Then you can submit your writing to be printed in a book! We’ll publish your writing alongside other writers from Kalamazoo County so the community and the world can hear what you have to say.

a large pile of red booklets printed with the words "YOU have stories to tell, and the world neesd to hear you"

in print dialogue – select 2-sided printing and switch to “flip on short edge” or “bind on short edge”

Prompt Prompts

Prompt Prompts are just that – quick writing inspiration right when you need it!
In the summer of 2020 we dived into the virtual world to bring you a series of videos to help get the gears going, break through a block, or just try new types of writing.
They’ll be available here whenever you need them, so you can RAWK no matter what.

Haiku Poems


List Poems

Prose Poems

Storytelling Field Trip Publications

This beautiful collection of stories come to us thanks to countless young world creators who have visited our Writing Center and written collaboratively as part of our Storytelling Field Trips.
Each story begins by introducing us to a new world and some of the characters who live in it, and then comes to a cliffhanger that allows each of us to write our own conclusion.

Write you own ending or let the incredible details, illustrations, and character descriptions inspire your very own story!

KPL Geek Fest 2020

Thanks to a very geeky partnership with Kalamazoo Public Library, RAWKers can dive into these great writing prompt videos!
We are always developing writing and reading activities so this page will continue to grow!
If you have suggestions, ideas, requests, dreams, etc., please send us an email at