Celebrating Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Read And Write Kalamazoo and The Kalamazoo Civic set out to point the spotlight on women making change in Kalamazoo County.

We interviewed Yolonda Lavender, Gwendolyn Hooker, Marissa Harrington, Heather Mitchell, and Monica Washington Padula and we quickly found that these women and their stories could not be contained by the mini-documentary we first set out to create.

We are elated to share this introduction for a documentary series to be released throughout Women’s History Month. Check back each Friday for a new piece of the rich and beautiful tapestry woven by these incredible women and the communities they nurture.

Release Schedule:

March 11th – Yolonda Lavender & Gwendolyn Hooker
March 18th – Heather Mitchell & Marissa Harrington
March 25th – Monica Washington Padula