RAWK Spotlight: Elizabeth G. and Meg B. from KYDNetwork!

For the month of October, we are shining the RAWK Spotlight on

Elizabeth G., Meg B., and KYDNetwork!

The RAWK Spotlight is a monthly series that celebrates folx who embody and serve the mission of empowering youth voices. Folx in the RAWK Spotlight can be anyone from staff, to volunteers, to Board Members, to community partners. They are chosen by the RAWK staff team by merit of their passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for serving local youth and their community!

Keep reading to hear what Elizabeth and Meg have to say about what it means to be in the RAWK Spotlight, and hear from our community members and RAWK staff team about their work at RAWK and in the community!

“KYD Network is honored to be spotlighted by RAWK! We have had the pleasure of coaching RAWK staff, and have observed the evolution of cultivating youth centered programs. This past year staff selected reflection and encouragement goals, which lead to the creation of affirmation sentences that all youth and staff use during the program. They also tied in their affirmation sentences in their program reflections at the end of each session. It has been a pleasure working with RAWK and KYD Network is excited to continue working together.”
–Meg B. and Elizabeth G. from KYDNetwork

Hear what our community members have to say about Meg and Elizabeth:

“Meg & Elizabeth work tirelessly to provide access to opportunities for youth in our community. They are committed to quality “boots on the ground” work throughout the year. Kalamazoo is better as a result of their collaboration with community organizations that specifically serve our young people. We are grateful.”


“I am grateful Meg and Elizabeth are commited to creating liberatory learning spaces for all youth! Their willingness to support our Readers’ Room growth through training and collaboration on collecting data is awesome!”

Caitlin DeLano (RAWK Program Facilitator)

“KYDNetwork has been a vital resource for RAWK for many years due in no small part to the leadership, passion, and creativity of Meg and Elizabeth. As the Executive Director, Meg has continuously held Kalamazoo youth development organizations to the highest of standards while transparently taking us all along on her own journey of continued growth in anti-racism, anti-bias, and equity work. As our coach for high-quality youth development programming, Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping us assess and improve our programs through a strengths-based approach that meets each of us where we are and moves us forward to build our confidence and capabilities as unique individuals. Thank you so much to Meg, Elizabeth, and the whole KYDNetwork team for supporting such fundamental growth in RAWK and so many other youth development organizations in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. It is an honor to learn and grow together in community with all of you!”


“Congratulations Elizabeth G. and Meg B. for your awesome work with RAWK!”

Amy Hall (RAWK Program Coordinator at Northeastern)

“Elizabeth has been a great coach and has changed the way I think about growth and noticing where we need to improve without it taking away from the things we do well. She reminds us to celebrate the good!”


“Both Meg and Elizabeth have been instrumental to our mission at RAWK–they both have provided quality instruction and guidance for all of our staff teammembers. This summer, Meg provided incredible sessions on data interpretation and research that helped our youth move forward in their exciting storefront developments, and Elizabeth provides constant support and feedback to help our programs improve and serve youth in ways that align with our goals. Thank you, both!”

Ynika (RAWK Engagement Coordinator)

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