RAWKin’ From The Wreckage – A digital publication for the Kalamazoo Poetry Festival

In celebration of the Kalamazoo Poetry Festival, RAWK has compiled this digital publication to share the poetry we have had the honor to publish over the past year as we all learned to adapt to a new world.

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Between our first virtual Summer Writing Camps and our Quarantine Anthology Project we have released four new anthologies of student writing:
Who Can Change the Future? Poetry & Prose from RAWK’s First Virtual Summer Writing Camps 2020
Shelter In Place Stories and Words from the Socially Distant Front Lines of Home, 2020
Separate Together Collected Works From Isolation, 2020
Questions You Can’t Answer Wisdom & Antibodies From Our Heroes’ Virtual Journeys, 2021

From these publications comes a collection of poems of praise and wonder, of every day joys, of worry and pain, strength and determination, of confessions, confusions, and calls to action. Written in virtual RAWK workshops and mentoring sessions, in virtual school classrooms, and in all the places these young poets found themselves weathering the many storms of our collective existence.

RAWK’s mission has always been to celebrate and amplify youth voices, but the past year has underscored why we exist and why we’re going to keep working and adapting to support the young people of Kalamazoo. Now more than ever, young people need space to process and express, to explore and grow, and to step into the inherent power of their words and stories.

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