Celebrate Women’s History Month with Monica Washington Padula

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Read And Write Kalamazoo and The Kalamazoo Civic set out to point the spotlight on women making change in Kalamazoo County.

This week we’re wrapping up our series by diving deep with Monica Washington Padula!

Check out the videos from earlier in the month where we celebrate Heather Mitchell and Marissa Harrington and Yolonda Lavender and Gwendolyn Hooker

Thank you for honoring Women’s History Month with us as we uplift and celebrate some of the amazing women working every day to make this community and world better and brighter.

And another HUGE thanks to Yolonda, Gwendolyn, Heather, Marissa, and Monica for sharing your stories with us! We are so incredibly grateful to be in community with all of you.